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SIEMENS SINUMERIK is the answer to the needs of modern machine operators. This innovative technology allows you to operate your machines more efficiently by customizing the operation to fit your needs and reducing processing time. With SIEMENS SINUMERIK, you can virtualize your work preparation and increase your productivity.

Thanks to demand-driven machine operation, you can control your machines exactly as required. The intuitive user interface allows you to quickly and easily access all functions and operate the machine the way you want. This leads to a significant reduction in downtime and faster processing time.

SIEMENS SINUMERIK also enables more realistic calculations. By accurately controlling the machine, you can estimate production time precisely and better plan your production. This results in higher efficiency and better profitability for your business. Additionally, SIEMENS SINUMERIK offers a variety of functions that allow you to use your machines even more effectively. Automatic tool detection and management ensure that you always have the right tool at hand, saving you time. The integrated simulation allows you to check in advance if your program is error-free, helping you avoid costly production failures.

When it comes to safety, SIEMENS SINUMERIK sets standards: The extensive safety measures ensure the safe operation of your machine. For example, all machine movements are constantly monitored and will be immediately stopped in case of an emergency.

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But not only technically does SIEMENS SINUMERIK have a lot to offer - visually, the user interface is also impressive. The modern design makes working with the software a real pleasure. Overall, SIEMENS SINUMERIK is an investment in the future of your company: With this control software, you can work faster, safer, and more efficiently than ever before! The work preparation is optimized through virtualization. You can plan your machine operation in advance and ensure that you achieve the best possible results. This leads to higher productivity and faster processing time.

Siemens Sinumerik ControlOriginal CRT / TFT DiagonalSiemens Monitor CodeReplacement Monitor
800/820/850/88012" CRT Color Monitor6FC3561-1AC-Z,6FC3801-0AC-Z
6FC3561-1AC-Z-F, 6FC3261-1AC-Z
6FC3988-7AM20, 6FC3986-3AU
6FC3986-7AG, 6FC3988-7FC20
80512" CRT Color Monitor6FM2805-4AR04, 6FM2805-4AR50
6FC4600-0AR04, 6FC4600-0AR10
6FC4600-0AR20, 6FC4600-0AR50
8109" CRT Monochrome Monitor6FX1130-0BB01, 6FC3988-7AF01
6FC3551-1AC-Z, 6FC3541-0AA-Z
6FC3821-2AC-Z, 6FC3541-0AC-Z
6FC3984-7CD, 6FC3984-7CD01
6FC3984-7CD81, 6FC3984-7CD82
6FC3984-7CE01, 6FC3984-7CE81
6FC3984-7CE82, 6FC3984-7CE-Z
6FM1510-1AA-Z, 6FC3251-1AC00-0XA1
6FC3251-1AC-Z, 6FC3551-1AC-Z
LCD84-0019 Nur Monitor
LCD84-0051 Operating Panel with Monitor
840C/840CE14" CRT Farbmonitor6FC5103-0AB01-0AA1LCD12-0118
840C/840M14" CRT Color Monitor6FC5103-0AB01-0AA0
OP 031/OP3214" CRT Color Monitor6FC5203-0AB10-0AA0LCD10-0015
S39" CRT Color Monitor 6FC3988-7AF01, 6FC3981-7DP
6FC3981-7DS, 6FC3157-0FA-Z
6FC3988-5MC25, 6FC3888-5MB
6FC3888-5MD, 6FC3981-7fD
6FC3888-5MF, QDM-9WD-120
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