Industrial-Panel-PC 2022-01-18 09:32:40 Frank Reinecke Blog post

Definition of a Panel PC

Of course, in order to know whether a panel PC is the right solution for you, you must first understand what its definition is and what it can do accordingly. Generally speaking, this includes all personal computers for which an all-in-one solution has been created. In concrete terms, this means that the computing, as well as the input and display unit were installed in a common housing. Conversely, this means that a touchscreen is usually used here.

A panel PC is an integrated solution that combines both a display and a computing unit to form an all-in-one computer. Industrial panel PCs tend to be more robust and offer both capacitive and resistive touchscreens. Capacitive touchscreens enable multi-touch functionality, while resistive screens can be used by operators wearing gloves, a feature often required in manufacturing and production environments.

The result is a device that is very easy to install, maintain and, above all, to operate. The devices can also be easily adapted to specific requirements and are often particularly stable – some are even dust and/or water resistant. They can also be connected almost anywhere – as long as there is electricity, of course. The panel PCs can literally disappear into walls, but they can also be attached with special columns and arms. This also makes them such popular solutions in industry.

In the meantime, they have established themselves in a wide variety of industries. They have become indispensable, especially in medicine, but also in many mechanical professions. In CNC welding, for example, they offer safe and easy operation of the machines. But they are also welcome in the military, sales, logistics and many other areas.