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The experts for industrial display and Pc production

TSUBIS Panel PCs and industrial monitors

Professional development, production and sales of industrial monitors, industrial panel PCs and CNC & SPS spare parts for industry and commerce.We have been your reliable partner for monitors and system technology in industry and trade since 1995.

Die Kernkompetenz liegt hierbei in der Entwicklung, Fertigung und dem Vertrieb von Controller Bords, TFT Monitoren und Systemen der Bild- und Datenverarbeitung. Diese Produktlinien wurden insbesondere für die speziellen Anforderungen in der Industrie, Medizin- und Informationstechnik sowie dem Militär konzipiert.

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Robust & sustainable

The use of only high-quality, industry-standard components enables problem-free use even under very harsh conditions.
The in-house development department enables short-term and very individual adjustments to your exact needs. Many years of national and international experience make us a reliable supplier and strong partner at your side.

Tsubi’s panel PCs and monitors are suitable for many application concepts. Eg medicine, mechanics, CNC technology and in many areas of industry. In addition, the military, sales and logistics also rely on the reliability of the Tsubis Panel PCs.
We are the experts and develop according to your wishes!

Tsubis – your partner for industrial IT systems

Our product line

Industrie Panel PCs Tsubis

Industrial Panel PC

Industrial Panel PCs according to your requests

TSUBIS Industrial Panel PC

TSUBIS designs panel PCs for your company according to your wishes. Give us a call. We advise you and help you with the selection.

Tsubis Panel PCs are all-in-one devices. In concrete terms, this means that both the computing unit and the input and display unit are installed in a common housing. A touchscreen is usually used here.

The Panel PCs are very easy to install, maintain and, above all, operate. The devices can also be easily adapted to specific requirements and are often particularly stable – some are even dust and/or water resistant. In addition, they can be connected almost anywhere. The Panel PCs can literally disappear into walls, but they can also be attached with special columns and arms. This makes them popular solutions in industry.
Because of their advantages, they have established themselves in a wide variety of industries.


Sie sind in der Medizin und in vielen mechanischen Berufen unverzichtbar geworden.
Zum Beispiel beim CNC-Schweißen bieten sie eine sichere und leichtere Bedienung der Maschinen. Sie werden im Militär, dem Verkauf, in der Logistik und vielen anderen Bereichen verwendet.

Industrial panel PCs and monitors according to your requests

TSUBIS Industrie Monitore/Displays

Industrial touchscreen monitors are designed and tested for harsher environments, making them much more robust compared to typical “office” monitors. They are designed to withstand sustained shock and vibration, a wide temperature range, and protection from water and dust. All of our monitors can be panel mounted or VESA mounted depending on the application.

Ideal for industrial automation, healthcare, finance/banking, education, gaming/entertainment, home automation, retail and transportation applications, our high brightness and solar gain monitors easily pair with our box PCs and headless HMIs. All of our monitors allow you to use gloves and act as a touchscreen, reducing the need for a keyboard and mouse, allowing for maximum freedom when designing a system.

industrie monitore | industrie displays

In addition to the accessories and options available for our standard products, we also design special monitor solutions tailored to your needs. From size and design to control to special glasses and touches, we manufacture monitors according to your wishes. In addition, we can implement other special functions that are optionally included in the scope of delivery or integrated directly into your monitor: These include, for example, cameras, microphones and loudspeakers, but also RFID writing and reading devices as well as bar or QR code scanners. On request, we can also integrate brightness, presence and temperature sensors.

If you need special accessories or functional parts, please contact us. We will find a solution together.