G104SN03 V0

G104SN03 V0

  • Model: G104SN03 V0
  • Diagonal: 10,4″
  • Resolution: 800×600
  • Manufacturerer: AUO
  • Article no.: 8540532

  • function test
  • Availability: in stock
  • Shipping of goods within 24 hours after order entrance

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https://tsubis.de/en/produkte/spare-parts-cnc-plc/displays-en/auo-en/g104sn03-v0/ G104SN03 V0 2021-02-25 10:01:50 <ul><li>Model: G104SN03 V0</li><li>Diagonal: 10,4"</li><li>Resolution: 800x600</li><li>Manufacturerer: AUO</li><li>Article no.: 8540532</li></ul><p>
  • function test<br>
  • Availability: in stock<br>
  • <br>
  • Shipping of goods within 24 hours after order entrance<br>
Frank Reinecke Blog post

Manufacturer Part No:G104SN03 V0
Screen size: 10,4”
Resolution: 800×600
Our replacement displays are tested for function, as good as new and only show slight to normal traces of usage (A-grade). The active area is without shades, blur, dent and free of any kind of mechanical damage. We have most of the displays in stock to be deliverable if one of your machines shuts down, otherwise we can support you within a reasonable period of time.

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