Replacement monitor for Hurco Ultimax 4

12,1” TFT replacement monitor for HURCO Ultimax 4
With the Hurco Ultimax 4 it is possible to interchange the two displays – meaning you can move the operator display to the graphics display position and vice-versa (unlike the Ultimax 3). It is also possible to operate it with one LCD and one CRT installed in either position, or dual LCDs.
Our replacement Hurco Ultimax 4 monitor is a stand-alone unit, so it can be used to replace the CRT in either position. It is fully compatible, both mechanically and electrically, with the Hurco Ultimax 4 and Hurco Winmax, and the Hurco VMX-24, VMX-30, VMX-42, VTX U and DCX-32.

  • 10 pin connector for power
  • 15 pin D-type connector for the video
  • 9 pin D-type connector for the OSD (On Screen Display) board that we provide with the unit. This allows user adjustment of brightness, contrast, screen size, position, etc.
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12,1” TFT LCD industrial monitor as replacement for colored 12,1” TFT monitor.

  • Manufacturer: HURCO
  • Control: Ultimax 4 and WinMax
  • Hurco Monitor Item No.: 007-0022-003
  • compatible to Hurco: VMX-24, VMX-30, VMX-42, VTX U, DCX-32
  • Mechanical version: Metal housing
  • Input signal: VGA 15 pol. HD-SUB connector
  • Power supply: 12V DC ( 10pol. connector)

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