Replacement monitor for Boehringer Philips B3T

12,1” TFT replacement monitor for BOEHRINGER B3T

This Boehringer Philips B3T monitor is a modern 12.1″ colour TFT LCD replacement display for the original 14″ colour CRT monitor that was fitted to the Boehringer B3T with Philips CNC 3580 controllers.

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12,1” TFT replacement monitor with integrated keyboard for Boehringer as replacement for colored 14” CRT Monitor B3T.

  • Manufacturer: BOEHRINGER / PHILIPS
  • Control: B3T, Philips CNC3580 control
  • Mechanical version: Built-in monitor with device bracket
  • Input signal: 15 pol. 2 row D-SUB connector
  • Front Panel (WxH): 340×270 mm
  • Power supply: 85-240V AC


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