Replacement monitor for Agiematic CF, Agie 200D

12,1″ TFT Replacement monitor for Agiematic CF, Agie 200D

 This 12.1″ colour LCD monitor replaces the original 14″ colour CRT monitor that was fitted to the Agiematic C (CU), Agiematic CUT C, AC 100 machines. It is compatible with the AGIE AGIETRON (mini console) controller, and the AGIEMATIC CUT C controller (with the VCB01 graphic card). These specially developed replacement monitors have been designed to give the same operation as the original CRT monitor, but with higher performance. The display is crisper and brighter making it much easier to read, and the lower power consumption reduces your running costs. It is mechanically and electrically compatible with the original CRT, and is supplied with all the relevant cables and connectors to ensure a fast, plug and play installation.

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12,1” Idustrial monitor as replacement for colored 14” CRT monitor.

  • Manufacturer: AGIE
  • Control: Agiematic CF, Agie 200D
  • Mechanical version: Chassis with front panel
  • Input signal: D-SUB 15-pin 3-row
  • Dimensions front panel (WxH): 305 x 228 mm
  • Power supply: 85-240V AC

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